Monday, 30 April 2012

Blogging backwards... the front of the backlog!

Old olives on the main lawn - sudden shafts of light and
piles of silvery branches strewn about gave the garden
 a strange underwater atmosphere

A procession of ominously titled men have invaded the garden of late. Perhaps I have seen too many horror films, but the annoucement that “‘The Olive Man’ will be with us shortly” sent a shiver down my spine. 

He did the kind of pruning job that we lowly gardeners can only dream about... spend all day up trees in the sunshine, using powered secateurs (hydraulic?), and then waltzed off into the sunset, leaving someone else (i.e. us) to clear up!

It’s an old cliché.. owners ending up looking like their dogs. Well The Olive Man definitely has something of the olive about him... small and round, with bright dark eyes and shiny skin. The Cypress Man  - who comes to trim the huge Italian Cypresses at the front of the house - is accordingly tall and springy. He arrived in a tiny Renault with huge ladders strapped to the roof, doubling its length. And a gorgeous little terrier cross called ‘Beeper’!

everybody say "ahhhh...."

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