Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happy New Year

It’s a nervous start to the year as watch the snow envelop ever closer ranges of mountains, only to retreat, regroup, return. Looking through the garden diary for this time last year it was the same, calm before the storm, bright sunny days, tender flowers blooming on and on, seemingly unaware of their imminent fate...

The prairie garden is putting on an unexpectedly good show: - about half the Miscanthus nepalensis decided to flower again in December, and now the glistening flowerheads are joined in colourful complicity by leaves which have turned every tone from olive green to brightest copper and deepest old gold. It’s a great contrast with the naked chalky-white stems of Perovskia and the ever-faithful Stipa (Nassella) tenuissima.

In the meanwhile I carefully fleece the bougainvilleas and echiums, praying for clement weather...

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